Speech Therapy

What do we solve thanks to speech therapy?

At CPL we address the speech therapy problems that may arise in children, adolescents and adults, from the study, prevention, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of communication disorders, voice disorders, speech, language and hearing.

We also have speech therapy for adults.

Speech disorders

Dislalias (dificultadDyslalia (difficulty in the production or articulation of one or more phonemes), dysglossia (speech disorder resulting from anatomical and/or physiological alterations in the articulatory organs) and dysphemia (stuttering).

Specific Language Disorder (SLD)

Voice and language disorders

– Aphonia, dysphonia.
– Language delay, aphasia, dysphasia.

Hearing impairment

Reading and Writing Disorders

Graphomotor skills, inversions, crossed laterality, difficulty in reading comprehension.

Difficulties arising from bilingualism

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Speech therapy

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