Psychopedagogical Support

CPL integrates a Psychopedagogical Support service specialized in learning difficulties for children and adolescents in school.

Intellectual capacity

Attentional processes

Learning styles

Literacy and reading comprehension (mechanics and fluency)

Emotional factors

Adaptación social y familiar

We offer psycho-pedagogical intervention in order to meet the different needs of children and adolescents in the following areas:

Learning difficulties:

– Dysgraphia
– Dyscalculia
– Dysorthography
– Dyslexia
– Non-verbal learning disorder (NLSD)
– Attention deficit disorder with or without attention deficit
– Hyperactivity (ADHD)
– Logical, Mathematical and Verbal Reasoning
– Intellectual disability
– High abilities

Study techniques and habits

We design personalized programs of relaxation techniques in order to improve body awareness, impulse control, test anxiety…

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Psychopedagogical support

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