Laughter Therapy

Laughter therapy is a technique that produces mental and emotional benefits through laughter. Laughter is a free and natural medicine that we can all develop as such. Laughing makes us feel alive and reduces stress levels.

Among its objectives is to learn to have a different and better vision of oneself, one’s possibilities and one’s environment, as well as to think positively, have fun and relate to others.

Laughter has a calming effect and helps us to improve blood circulation, relieves muscle tension, harmonizes the nervous system and regulates the heart rate.

Laughter produces feelings of well-being and pleasurable sensations, reducing anguish and stress by provoking a change in attitudes and positive thinking.

It increases our confidence and self-assessment, facilitates social and emotional relationships, stimulates desire and brings people closer together.

Humor is the most direct way to connect with oneself and improve relationships with others.

Physiological benefits:

– Effective ally against anxiety and depression.
– Improves respiratory capacity.
– Massages the spine.
– With each laugh, about 400 muscles are activated.
– Sight, hearing and smell benefit.
– Cellular oxygenation eliminates tiredness and dark circles under the eyes. It is a toning and anti-wrinkle method.
– It favors digestion and releases tension and stress.
– It enhances attention and memory.
– It creates a healthy fatigue that eliminates insomnia.
– It favors the production of endorphins and enkephalins producing an analgesic effect.
– It favors the production of serotonin that reduces the intensity of painful phenomena, with calming effects.

Laughter Therapy favors:

– Team work
– Group cohesion
– Conflict resolution
– Empathy
– Assertiveness
– Efficient communication
– Non-verbal communication
– Oral expression
– Social relations
– Affective relationships
– Embarrassment, fears, anxiety

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